To what doctor to address

The squeak in the head – quite a common problem. This unpleasant phenomenon can happen at any time – at bedtime, in the morning after you Wake up in the middle of the day. Noise may be present continuously or appear from time to time after the nervous tension or hard work. The importance of noise or squeak: muted or ringing sound, a distant hum, a pulsing squeak, whistle in one or both ears.

If you are concerned about a squeak in the head, contact Laura and neurologist. The ENT will conduct a survey for the presence of diseases of the ear. A neurologist can diagnose narrowing of brain vessels, high blood pressure, neurosis. To determine the cause of the squeak can be assigned to ultrasound, MRI brain, x-rays of the pyramids of the temporal bones by Stenvers, audiogram and other studies.

The cause of the squeak

The squeak in the head can appear for a variety of reasons. The most innocuous of them is neurosis, and chronic fatigue. In this case the problem can solve the rest, taking vitamins and talk therapy. In most cases, getting rid of extraneous sounds in the head is just a few nights of full sleep.

An unpleasant symptom may arise due to problems with the vascular system. Dystonia provokes spasms of brain vessels, high blood pressure and accompanied by the unpleasant sounds in my head. In this case, the doctors diagnose a vascular dystonia and prescribed to expand blood vessels drugs.

Diseases of the ears is another common cause of the squeak in the head. This can be sensorineural hearing loss, acoustic neuroma or a simple blockage in the ear. In the latter case, the "treatment" is held for a few seconds.

Be careful

The squeak in the head can occur when you experience one of the most serious diseases: tumors, arrhythmia, atherosclerosis, arachnoiditis. These diseases are diagnosed after a multi-phase studies and require serious, long-term treatment. To get rid of the squeak in the head alone is not possible because the spectrum of diseases that are accompanied by these symptoms, is very great.

Folk remedies apply in this case, it is impossible in any case. No need to have a medical degree to imagine what harm could it be to warm up with tumor or uncontrolled use of drugs in diseases of the vascular system. All "home-grown" advice given about it, should be thrown "overboard" and would rather go to the doctor.