You will need
  • - I plastic or rubber screwdriver;
  • - cotton gloves;
  • - Phillips screwdriver.
Wash the mirror before removing. Gently clean the rotating mechanism. It clogged with dust and road grime that obstruct a clear to adjust the position of the mirror. Disconnect the negative terminal from the battery, if the mirrors are installed the turn signals or electric mechanism for regulation. This is necessary in order to disconnect the onboard power supply and avoid short circuit.
Remove the plugs from the mirror mounting. Locate all the bolts that secure the mirror base to the door. Carefully remove them, noting the location of each. Loosening gently hold the mirrorto it not inadvertently to drop. Completely unscrewing the mount, pull back a little mirror housing, to pull the part of the transaction. Locate the connector and disconnect it. The wire coming from the hole in the door, lock the outside with tape so it does not fall inside.
Turn the mirror face down. Carefully remove the plugs covering the head bolts. On older versions of their four pieces, and the new - 5. Note that the lower bolts are a little shorter. So don't confuse their positions for reassembly. Carefully remove interior light indicator, with little effort. Turn the housing. Remove the plastic trim.
Gently peel plastic or rubber screwdriver itself mirror. It is held in place with latches. Smoothly podavaite screwdriver mirror plate on each side as long as she doesn't leave grooves. To perform this procedure better than just cotton gloves. Remove the mirror from the housing. Its back side can be attached to the wire of the heater, therefore do not pull sharply to break it. After performing the necessary repairs, collect the mirror in reverse order and install the seat.