You will need
  • thin screwdriver;
  • - pliers;
  • - head to "8" and "12";
  • - key in "10".
For starters, on the battery, disconnect the wire from its negative terminal. Unscrewing the fastening screws, and there are only three pieces, remove it from both sides a-pillar trim. Pull up the top panel of the instrument the same on both sides, prying it with a thin screwdriver.
Next, remove the cover of the fuse holder and remove the screws from both units. The blocks of the fuse box pull out, making sure that pin pad units out of the panel of devices. This is for marking pin pads.
Clear, if you have a radio, but if it is not, it is enough to remove the plug. Through hole in which is inserted the radio, turn 90° to the pin pads and pull them behind the instrument panel. Remove the shift lever, it will provide further more comfortable removing the panel. Disconnect the plug of the pads by pulling the panel front ashtray. Then remove the lower shelf and slide out drawer, designed for things.
Remove the steering column, removing her covers and instrument panel reinforcement. Also disconnect the return spring, pull the handle of the hood lock and remove it. In addition, remove the side trim from the front, slide panel out and disconnect the hoses, nozzles, side pipes. From the holder, remove the wiring harness after removing the plastic clamps. Pull with force to remove the panel of devices.