You will need
  • Word processor Microsoft Office Word 2007/2010 or Internet access.
Take, for example, the text processor Microsoft Office Word to convert "native" for it files with the extension. doc to a pdf. The last two versions of this application (Word 2007 and 2010) issued with embedded functions saving documents in this standard - now it corresponds to the internal standard Adobe but international ISO 32000.
Start Word and load the document you want to convert. To invoke the file open dialog in this app you can use Ctrl + O or "Open" in the main menu of Word. This menu in Word 2007, reveals click large round button in the upper left corner of the window, and in Word 2010 instead approximately in the same location hosted the blue button labeled "File" that has the same purpose. By using a running dialogue find the right doc file, select it and click "Open".
Save the downloaded document is in pdf format. To do this, again open the main menu of the word processor and select Save as. In the field "file Name" you can change the source file name, if necessary. Open the drop-down list of "file Type" and select the row with the text PDF(*.pdf). As a result, the dialogue is added another section where you can choose one of two options for optimization of the document - it's about the same as the quality choice when saving the image. Click on the "Settings" button in the additional section offers a broader collection of settings of the document being saved. When everything is configured, click OK and the document will be saved in pdf format.
If you are not able to use versions of Word that support this format, you can convert using scripts of any online service offering such a service. Find them online easy - for example, this can be done on the sites or