You will need
  • - "Balm Of Shestakovskoe";
  • pine resin;
  • - carrot juice, vinegar essence;
  • - wine vinegar;
  • - propolis, ghee, pharmacy alcohol tincture of propolis.
Consult a dermatologist to determine the causes of this defect of the skin of the feet. If this phenomenon is not associated with the fungal infection usually recommend emollients from vitamins A and E. Recommend a foot bath softening the skin from further treatment of wound healing creams. Worse, if it's a fungus. Here already it is necessary to use antifungal drugs like "not", "Nizoral", etc. In advanced cases, perhaps the use of antifungal drugs both topically and inside.
In painful cracks a great healing effect has the "Balm of shestakovskoe" (vinilin). A compress with chamomile at night get rid of the cracks in 1-3 treatments.
Perfectly heals such wounds 3-4-fold greasing them with pine tar.
Fungal infections can also use the recipes of traditional medicine. Mix fresh carrot juice with vinegar in proportion 1:1. Wrap a piece of cotton wool on a wooden stick and soaked it in the prepared mixture lubricate the affected places. Pre-foot wash, to steam in the soda solution (2 liters of water 2 tablespoons of baking soda), then wipe dry and lubricate.
For athlete's foot folk medicine recommends the use of wine vinegar. Legs pre-washed, stripped and treated with a pumice stone. Then immerse the feet in warm vinegar for 10-12 minutes. To go to bed in socks soaked in wine vinegar. The course of treatment 3-5 procedures. It is not recommended to perform such treatments for patients with diabetes.
In fungal infections of feet and fissures on your fingers effective is the treatment. First treat foot alcohol tincture of propolis (pharmaceutical preparation), and then massage into the skin an ointment propolis. For its preparation take 50 grams of melted butter, chop it, and add the grated propolis – 10 grams. Place the plates with the prepared composition in a water bath and, stirring constantly, bring to dissolve the propolis in the oil. Pour the prepared lotion in a jar that you store in the refrigerator. This ointment to lubricate and just for healing cracks, abrasions, and burns.