This letter, like any business paper, should be designed in accordance with the GOST R 6.30-2003. Write it on company letterhead, which States her full name, contact details, contact numbers and email address. Start with querying by name and patronymic, and the word "Dear".
In the first, introductory part of the letter-presentation briefly tell us about your company: what year is it in the market, what are the enterprises cooperating, mention foreign partnership, if it is available. In that case, if your company has participated in national and international exhibitions and especially is a winner, will definitely reflect this fact.
Tell us about the products, goods and services that your company offers. Reflect the advantages that they have compared to what the market offers. Describe them so that the person reading your letter-presentation, subconsciously imbued with the confidence that you are a profitable and reliable partner, which should not be missed and that the cooperation with your company promises not only material gain, will promote business development, but also prestigious. Well, if you said to illustrate charts, diagrams, tables, which confirm the above.
You should not only tell about your business, but also to readers interested in cooperation with you. Describe those business offers that may be of interest to your Respondent. Show your interest in cooperation, but list the benefits that will have it. If you are planning a meeting with this person to discuss issues of mutual interest, we will offer the dates. You can also outline the approximate order and a cooperation plan in case of subsequent consent. Before such a business the pressure to resist is almost impossible.