Advice 1: How to make money in Novosibirsk

Most of the time and effort most people spent on making money. Indeed, money is a means to obtain the necessary assets and opportunities. But in order to make the process of earning more effective, you need to take into account the specifics of the place in which you live. For example, how better to make money in Novosibirsk?

How to make money in Novosibirsk
You will need
  • - summary;
  • - employment history;
  • - the initial capital.
Arrange to work. Indeed, this is the easiest way to start making money quickly. It is a plus in the fact that it requires no initial investment of money. To find a suitable job for you, as a Center of employment of the population of Novosibirsk and through recruitment agencies. Effective and independent job search using Newspapers and the Internet, such as the city website on which are regularly published job Postings.
Open your business. This method of getting money designed for quite a long period - the payback period of the case occurs not at once. Besides, the initial capital needed. A Bank loan to open a business to obtain difficult, but there is another solution - in the city program of support of small business by which the person opening the firm, can provide a certain amount as aid. Information about this can be obtained at the employment center.
Earn money for buying and selling homes. Novosibirsk is a big city, which is lots of construction of residential houses. However, apartments are still lacking, and prices are rising. Option a short term investment is to buy under construction property at a low price and subsequent resale. In case of purchase of finished apartments in the long term it will be possible to pass. Also for long-term investment is better to buy housing in the promising, emerging areas. For example, a good investment would be the purchase of housing in the area of Stanislavsky and of Guinobatan highway - there 2015 planned metro.
Quite often as an easy way of earning advertised gambling. However, in order to succeed in such endeavours, we need serious economic knowledge and, again, starting capital, you are potentially ready to leave. So before you start to buy and sell stocks, weigh your decision and learn the rules for the securities market.

Advice 2: How to make money using the Internet

It is difficult to imagine modern life without Internet. Now he is in almost every home. With the help of it you can always be aware of all the events regardless of your location. However, the Internet can be not only a source of information. With using it you can earn money.
How to make money using the Internet
You will need
  • Internet, computer
So, you have a computer connected to the Internet. Is it enough to start earning? Not really. You will need some professional knowledge. For example, if you are a journalist, you will be interested to write articles on various topics. Browsing the Internet is good because in most cases not taxed, hence you get the whole entire amount. But it is not necessary to create illusions of space earnings. Yes, there are people who use the Internet received a significant income, but they went to it a few years and put a lot of effort and money. First of all decide that you are interested and you really know how to do. If you begin to work in unfamiliar or uninteresting to you area, in most cases will fail.
Once and for all understand that there is no easy money. If you want to succeed, remember that all banners and advertisements with promises of millions in a couple of clicks - this is pure divorce. Nothing is free. Very often suggest to earn on viewing advertising. That's true, but the serious money you will earn so as to pay very little for a view. You'll just ruin your eyes and spend the time and electricity wasted. There are also online questionnaires. A good thing, but a constant source of income can not become. Rather can be used as a bonus.
There is the concept of freelancing. In other words, you get one job, execute it and get the money. There are many exchanges of freelancers. But not so easy for the beginner to your first order. From the beginning take care of your portfolio. Important will be the feedback you've received. So first you work on the portfolio, and then it works for you. As a rule, freelancers can find work people of different professions, from programmers to journalists. Be prepared for the fact that you repeatedly throw, that is not going to pay for your work. This is quite a common phenomenon. Not worth much upset and depressed.
Another way to earn is trade on the stock exchange. The lesson is quite difficult. Remove the rose-colored glasses and understand that to make money out of thin air will not work. If you are going to learn how to trade on the stock exchange, you have to be patient. Very seriously you should treat the choice of the dealer, as recently divorced a lot of fake firms, whose activities are aimed to take your money and disappear. Work only with reliable companies.

Advice 3: How to earn money through website

Today it is fashionable to have your own website on the world wide web. Own website - is not only a way to Express their creativity and imagination, but real earnings in the Internet.
How to earn money through website
Earn on your website in various ways. To begin, decide what subjects will be your website, fill it with quality content. This will help the experts, but if you want a profession developer site you can learn yourself. Information on this topic abound.
Affiliate iframe codes. At the initial stage of return for expenditure on the purchase links you can sell your traffic through a so-called iframe of the program. You place code affiliate program are recorded in several avtoserfing and see how will be cents. However, not everything is simple, many of the autosurf sites are forbidden to host sites with affiliate iframe codes. You will spend some time to find a suitable alternative. From such earnings there are a few flaws. These services significantly increase the load time of your site and spread all sorts of viruses.
Earnings on advertising. A more lucrative form of income. But it is much more difficult. The main objective is that users clicked on advertising, and it needs a constant audience of the website, which is interested in its content. Use initially affiliate programs that do not have strict constraints to attendance of the site.
Selling links. Earn on your website by selling links. But keep in mind that search engines have a negative attitude to such sitem and you can apply a filter. Although respecting some of the rules, the risk of getting the ban reduced. Do not add links to all new sites, give them time "settles". On each page a better place no more than three links and in different places. You can sell a smaller number of links, but for a lot of money, or, for example, on sites with similar themes.
To make your site work well enough and make a profit follow the state content and continually update information. Remember the rule that the site stuffed with ads, do not make a profit, people go to you for information, not advertising. The abundance on the pages of advertising will lead to an outflow of visitors of the website.

Advice 4: How to make money in small business

Many would like to earn income from business activities, not just work for someone else. Often, the lawyers opened their private firm, either in the office or at home. To organize any small business, it is important to have a clear algorithm.
How to make money in small business
You will need
  • computer;
  • - Internet;
  • - business plan;
  • office;
  • - furniture;
  • - license of IP;
  • - start-up capital.
Describe their strengths. Well think about what you can actually offer the market of their skills and knowledge. Perhaps you are a highly skilled accountant. Then you can open a private practice and provide their services. You also need to possess entrepreneurial flair, responsibility, and a burning desire to achieve their goals.
Study the examples of other small business entrepreneurs. Read articles on the Internet about how they started their hard journey. Can also meet them personally and ask some important questions in your business. Learn as much information as possible on what you plan to do.
Gather start-up capital. If you want to open an office, then you immediately have to spend your internship at least 1,000,000 p. In this price will include the cost of furniture, documents and computers, and rental of premises, etc. For many, it is a very large sum. However, there is an exit in the first stage, – doing business through the Internet at home.
Shall describe in detail the business plan of your idea. You will need to calculate how much money you earn for a certain period. If you do decide to take the room, then you will need to hire 2-3 employees. Figure out when business will come to a real return on investment. Consider all possible costs.
Register with the tax authorities and obtain the license of the individual entrepreneur. Only then begin to implement your business plan in practice.
Discuss all sides of your business from experienced entrepreneurs, consultants and lawyers (only if you yourself are not).
Useful advice
You can earn initial money to open the office, working through Internet at home. Advise clients and take you set the price for their services. It is not necessary to borrow money in the Bank, even if you are sure that your business plan will bring you good profit.

Advice 5: How to make money on the resale

For the literate investor, the current companies can be a very good investment funds. Earn money on the resale of ready business can be less risky than the stock market. Even if you will not be able to resell the company at a higher price, it will remain in your ownership, and will be profitable, driven by a hired Manager. Use one of the proposed schemes to generate income from the resale of the investment.
How to make money on the resale
You can buy a company and then sell its assets. The best option – resale of tangible and intangible assets in the complex, but in the Russian reality this task is almost impossible. For large cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, the main source of income will be the land on which the enterprise is located. In the regions of your profit will amount to real estate and fixed assets owned by the purchased company. For bankrupt enterprises, the cost of which is relatively small, there is an option sale of intangible assets such as brands, know-how, original recipes.
Make money on resale companies, you can after you acquire them and then put additional funds on their economic recovery. The term return on investment in this case is rarely more than three years, so their average yield is about 35% per annum. This is the real figure, given that the business often has significant tangible assets, and their liquidation value may exceed the selling price of the company. The yield on such purchase and resale will be much higher if the investor will have experience in the industry to which the purchased company, and communications ability to acquire municipal enterprises at a lower price.
Special stability and liquidity of the scheme is characterized by the acquisition of several companies, their subsequent integration and sale. This scheme has great appeal for foreign investors is not very common among Russian businessmen. It is complicated by the fact that the purchase and integration of several companies may require significant amounts and timing. So attractive from the point of view of purchase and resale may be a network of small specialized shops selling spare parts, mobile phones, perfume, products.

Advice 6: How to make money on the resale of apartments

Modern business is diverse. Sell products, clothing, furniture, development of new projects – all this has long occupied niches. Today, on the wave of popularity has risen and this type of activity as the resale of apartments. And if she do it correctly, it can bring good income.
How to make money on the resale of apartments
Resale apartments business is not for everyone. After all, one can begin only with a good starting capital. In addition, due to the fact that fraud in the construction industry is quite widespread, you should always be willing to risk. Experts say that if everything is arranged properly and to consider all the details, resale apartments can be an excellent option of income.
Rentiers are usually those who already have their own apartment to live in. In fact quite problematic, taking a corner, roll spend millions.

How to organize your case on the resale of apartments

There are several different ways of how to become a successful investor. The easiest and most obvious option is the purchase of an apartment in the early stage of building a house, approximately when just starting to excavate. At this time, can be purchased at a fairly low price good footage of the apartment. Next just need to wait for the end of construction, and the apartment will be able to resell at a price of 2, or even 3 times more expensive than was originally paid for it.
Of course, this option is suitable only for the person in whose presence there is money for housing. In this case, the options with the mortgage completely inappropriate to sell such property will be difficult.

However, in this embodiment, it is necessary to account the risks, because there are known cases when the box was ready, but the connection to the communications was delayed. In this case too it is possible to sell the apartment, but to obtain the cost you expected, is unlikely to have.

Alternatively, you can buy an apartment in the secondary housing. Yes, it will cost more than new building during the construction phase. But if you invest it in more money for repair and make it habitable, you will be able to receive from it dividends.
Often, buyers choose an apartment in disrepair, then have it back to normal and sell for much more money. However, it is worth considering that the emergency should be flat, not a house.

Can earn and urgent purchase of apartments. For example, if someone urgently due to various reasons need to sell their homes, it would not be particularly bargain. And professionals in the field of preproga residential property in the heat of the moment will be able to get yourself a discount. And then will be just to sell the apartment at a price that will suit you.

Another way – step acquisition of rooms in communal apartment. This method is good because you can then buy and get an apartment at a price much lower than the average. After all, the room individually cost less than housing as a whole.

However, it is understood that this method is quite lengthy and complex, and to conduct such operations better with an experienced realtor.

What you should consider

For those who want to start a business for resale flats should take into account that it is best to go odnushki and kopeck piece. But on the flats with many rooms to earn more difficult. Their cost is compared to two not much higher, but wishing for such mansions are few.

Also, you should put in your budget and the services of a realtor. May it take you 3-5% profit, but you can be sure that you will not be deceived. And aid is not excessive.

Also, you should focus on the expectation – sometimes to sell a flat you have to wait from several months to several years.

Alternatively, you could build a business not for resale, and rental apartments. Take your existing property and you will quickly discourage your spending.

Advice 7: How can you make money at age 13 online

Many 13-year-old teenagers interested in how you can earn money, not to depend on parents and not all parents are able to give your child as much money as he needs. The Internet helps to bring to life the desire to earn, offering a variety of options.
How can you make money at age 13 online

In the video

The easiest way to earn money for teenager is to shoot a video, upload it to the Internet and receive income depending on how many users went to your link and look at your work. In order to video was popular, it must be high quality and interesting. That is, few people are interested in the cat. Crossing the road, and even filmed a 0.3 Megapixel camera mobile phone.

So this way of making money will require some investment will need funds to buy good equipment. In addition, you will have to show imagination or the flair of a journalist, to take really interesting videos. And your video to interested users to come up with his original title.

There are lots of services that have the opportunity to earn money on the videos. The most common is YouTube.


To work with a computer is able to practically every teenager, and especially one who has decided to earn on the Internet. So what to make money socializing on the forums or posting any of them.

The principle of earning here is simple: the employer asks you to write a unique message with a volume of about 100 characters without spaces and post it in response to a particular message.

In some cases, the employer may show what information to copy and where to paste. It's a simple copy-paste, which can do not only to 13-year-old adolescents but also younger children.

The big question

On the website "Big question" teenagers also can earn money. The principle of this earnings is very simple. A registered user asks a question or responds to questions from other users. For every 1,000 hits on this site are awarded credits which can be exchanged for electronic money.

The more interesting question, the more views, the more clicks, the more earnings. The only condition is that questions and answers should be unique and not copied from other resources.

Rewrite and copyright

Clever teenagers who have good knowledge of the Russian language, can earn money with the help of rewriting. The essence of this method is that you need to reprint the proposed material, keeping the meaning but using other words.

Copyright is also writing articles. Only in this case will have not to rewrite someone else's work, and to write their own essay. Copyright is more complicated rewriting, but paid much better.

There are numerous exchanges of rewriting, where you can find many tasks, both simple and complex, cheap and expensive.
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