Advice 1: How to make money in Novosibirsk

Most of the time and effort most people spent on making money. Indeed, money is a means to obtain the necessary assets and opportunities. But in order to make the process of earning more effective, you need to take into account the specifics of the place in which you live. For example, how better to make money in Novosibirsk?

How to make money in Novosibirsk
You will need
  • - summary;
  • - employment history;
  • - the initial capital.
Arrange to work. Indeed, this is the easiest way to start making money quickly. It is a plus in the fact that it requires no initial investment of money. To find a suitable job for you, as a Center of employment of the population of Novosibirsk and through recruitment agencies. Effective and independent job search using Newspapers and the Internet, such as the city website on which are regularly published job Postings.
Open your business. This method of getting money designed for quite a long period - the payback period of the case occurs not at once. Besides, the initial capital needed. A Bank loan to open a business to obtain difficult, but there is another solution - in the city program of support of small business by which the person opening the firm, can provide a certain amount as aid. Information about this can be obtained at the employment center.
Earn money for buying and selling homes. Novosibirsk is a big city, which is lots of construction of residential houses. However, apartments are still lacking, and prices are rising. Option a short term investment is to buy under construction property at a low price and subsequent resale. In case of purchase of finished apartments in the long term it will be possible to pass. Also for long-term investment is better to buy housing in the promising, emerging areas. For example, a good investment would be the purchase of housing in the area of Stanislavsky and of Guinobatan highway - there 2015 planned metro.
Quite often as an easy way of earning advertised gambling. However, in order to succeed in such endeavours, we need serious economic knowledge and, again, starting capital, you are potentially ready to leave. So before you start to buy and sell stocks, weigh your decision and learn the rules for the securities market.

Advice 2: How to make money in small business

Many would like to earn income from business activities, not just work for someone else. Often, the lawyers opened their private firm, either in the office or at home. To organize any small business, it is important to have a clear algorithm.
How to make money in small business
You will need
  • computer;
  • - Internet;
  • - business plan;
  • office;
  • - furniture;
  • - license of IP;
  • - start-up capital.
Describe their strengths. Well think about what you can actually offer the market of their skills and knowledge. Perhaps you are a highly skilled accountant. Then you can open a private practice and provide their services. You also need to possess entrepreneurial flair, responsibility, and a burning desire to achieve their goals.
Study the examples of other small business entrepreneurs. Read articles on the Internet about how they started their hard journey. Can also meet them personally and ask some important questions in your business. Learn as much information as possible on what you plan to do.
Gather start-up capital. If you want to open an office, then you immediately have to spend your internship at least 1,000,000 p. In this price will include the cost of furniture, documents and computers, and rental of premises, etc. For many, it is a very large sum. However, there is an exit in the first stage, – doing business through the Internet at home.
Shall describe in detail the business plan of your idea. You will need to calculate how much money you earn for a certain period. If you do decide to take the room, then you will need to hire 2-3 employees. Figure out when business will come to a real return on investment. Consider all possible costs.
Register with the tax authorities and obtain the license of the individual entrepreneur. Only then begin to implement your business plan in practice.
Discuss all sides of your business from experienced entrepreneurs, consultants and lawyers (only if you yourself are not).
Useful advice
You can earn initial money to open the office, working through Internet at home. Advise clients and take you set the price for their services. It is not necessary to borrow money in the Bank, even if you are sure that your business plan will bring you good profit.
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