Adjust your diet. The brain won't work normally without a specific set of substances. These include vitamins (especially A, E, b group), iron, folic acid and polyunsaturated fatty acids. In diet can include liver, potatoes, fatty fish, rye bread, milk, fruits, vegetables and vegetable oil.
Give the brain enough time to rest. The brain can "slow down" simply due to chronic fatigue. Therefore, an important and wholesome sleep, and the ability to switch from solving the serious problems on the types of activities that do not require hard brain work.
Increase physical activity. It provides a more intense blood flow to the brain (which increases the inflow of oxygen to it). And it greatly improves and speeds up the brain. The most effective aerobic exercise (e.g., Jogging), and regular morning exercises will give a great effect.
Regularly train your brain. Even the decision a simple "children's" puzzles and riddles perfectly stimulates the brain. Good for his training crossword puzzles and crossword puzzles, memorizing poems. The other way to visit new places (for example, even at work you can not go the only and usual way, but different). Well stimulates the brain and change the working hands. If you used to do everything with the right hand, try the same steps with the left and Vice versa.
Use the Internet. Experts came to the conclusion that working in the systems of Internet search allows you to make decisions faster and faster to figure out. They explain this by the fact that searching for information activates those parts of the brain that are not utilized in the search of the same information in a printed source. Brain activity is increased almost two times, and that affects the speed of information processing and decision-making.
Use nootropic drugs. This name are drugs that increase mental performance, improve learning ability, stimulating brain activity (e.g., "Piracetam" or "Nootropil"). To this measure of "acceleration" of the brain can be accessed only after consultation with a doctor-neurologist.