To regularly stimulate the brain to activity, first of all, look for variety and innovation. For example, you can go to where they are rare or where has never been. Do not wear for a long time the same clothes, and during some operations, for example, to brush your teeth, change your working hand. In addition, even on the most common questions try to answer creative. You can also change the road on which you go to a store, home or at work, make new friends, or read Newspapers and magazines that you previously would not pay attention (for example, this could be an economic publication or a magazine about wild life or animals).
In addition, if you want to increase your brain activity, carefully review the products that make up your diet. To the brain functioned normally, the body should receive enough of vitamins (primarily B vitamins, vitamin K, C, E, beta-carotene, iron) and antioxidants. So be sure to include in your diet fresh fruits and vegetables, eat buckwheat and oat cereals, lean red meat, liver, dairy products, fish, walnuts, olive and Flaxseed oil.
There is an urgent need of physical activity known to all. Is it a question of improving the activity of the brain, since by improving blood circulation, physical activity have a positive effect on the activity of the brain. Try every day to go on long walks, if this is not possible, at least half an hour walk in the fresh air. Besides walking, it is desirable to develop other types of physical activity.
Stimulate brain activity daily games and activities, the performance of which requires a balanced and metered approach. Try as often as possible to solve various crosswords puzzles varying difficulty, play checkers and chess, solve puzzles or logic puzzles. Also good effect on the functioning of the brain regular difficult logic games with the kids, which is carried out as often as possible.