You have little rest and a lot of work? Mental fatigue can not be avoided. The brain needs sufficient time to rest and sleep, otherwise he will not be able to work well. Also the efficiency may decrease if you have diseases of the endocrine system, chronic disease and depression.
The health of the brainand depends on several things. First, it is the innate ability of your Central nervous system to quickly digest the information. Second fitness of the brain. If you used to think and to solve complex problems, you handle it easier than those who encounter them for the first time. And thirdly, diet, and rest the brain. It requires special nutrients and a good rest.
The main substance that makes up the brainlike fabric is unsaturated fatty acids. Therefore, in order to recover and function well, you need to eat lean meats, vegetable oils like soy, olive, sunflower. Many useful for the brainand nutrients contained in nuts and seeds. Unsaturated fatty acids that are required the brain, also responsible for ensuring that blood is properly moved throughout the body, supplying neurons with oxygen, which is vital. Proper nutrition and sufficient rest is able to improve the health of the brain.
We all know that the brain runs on carbohydrates, but there are those that are digested quickly and give a slight rise followed by a sharp decline in is sweets, buns, crisps, and there are slow carbs, they give up their energy gradually, so it is able to nourish the brain for the whole day. It is a variety of cereals, vegetables. Well as brainhave the necessary proteins contained in meat, the phosphorus, the source of which is fish, vitamins B, E, A, trace elements – iron, magnesium, calcium.
If you need to improve the ability of the brainbut immediately and rapidly, for example, before the exam, you can use a new generation of drugs that stimulate the brain, they are called neotrope. For example, Phenotropil – a substance which improves memory and mood, increases the speed of the brain. These drugs have side effects, so to get involved they shouldn't. They are ideal for one-time emergency use, for example, during the session.