You will need
Cakes of leavened or unleavened dough can be done in the form of an oval (elongated), bag (round), square (envelope).
To prepare the oval and round cakes take a piece of dough and roll out his hands thick harness floured table. Take the wiring in right hand between thumb and forefinger and squeezing your fingers, form the dough into balls of medium size. For best results, lubricate the right hand with vegetable oil, so the dough will not stick to the hand.
For making oval patties take the ball of dough and with hands form a circle with a minimum thickness of 5 mm. In the center of the circle put the prepared stuffing and connect the opposite edge of the circle to each other, Saipov their fingers and lightly pressing down the dough. Put a little stuffing, so it does not hit on the edges of the dough, otherwise the dough will be bad samitivate.
For making round cakes also make dough balls and round things. In the center of the pellet put some of the filling. The edges of the cakes pull up and zasypnica to make a pouch.
For square pies roll out the dough with a rolling pin, giving the shape of a square or rectangle. The thickness of the dough should be at least 5 mm. with a Sharp knife cut the dough into equal squares. In the center of each square put stuffing and zasypnica edges to make an envelope.
Ready pasties put on a greased or covered with baking paper baking sheet, and allow to sit for 15-20 minutes. Before baking the pies, brush with beaten egg to get a Golden brown.
Puff pastry you can make cakes in the shape of bags and envelopes. For bags do not have to cut a round shape, because of the puff pastry circles you can cut out only the glass not to break the layers, and scraps will not get the full product. So roll out the puff pastry to a rectangular shape and cut into squares. In the center of each square put the filling and connect the edges of the squares so that the bags came from "tails". For envelopes connect to each other opposite corners of the squares.
Puff pastry to grease prior to baking egg is not necessary.