Advice 1: How to marinate the meat in wine

There are many recipes for marinating meat, but each has its own basis — for example, red or white wine. Marinated in wine , the meat stays fresh longer and faster is being prepared.
How to marinate the meat in wine
You will need
    • Marinade in red wine with root vegetables:
    • — 1 Cup dry red wine;
    • — 0.5 Cup of lemon juice;
    • — 2-3 carrots;
    • — 2 Bay leaves;
    • — 2 medium parsley root;
    • — 10-15 peas black pen;
    • — 2 tbsp of sugar;
    • — 1-2 tsp of salt.
    • For marinade red wine garlic:
    • — 500 ml of red dry wine;
    • — 2 cloves of garlic;
    • — 1 onion;
    • — 6 peas of black pepper;
    • — 2 sprigs of fresh thyme and parsley;
    • — salt to taste.
    • Marinade with red wine cognac:
    • 1 Cup tart red wine;
    • — 0,5 l of water;
    • 20 ml of cognac;
    • — 1 tsp of ground red pepper.
    • For the marinade white wine:
    • — 0.5 Cup of white wine;
    • — 1 tsp of sugar;
    • — 1 tsp of sage;
    • — 1 onion;
    • — 2 tbsp vegetable oil;
    • — 1 tsp of ground black pepper.
    • For the marinade in white wine with capers:
    • — 1 glass of dry white wine;
    • — 3 tbsp white wine vinegar;
    • — 0,5 Cup of boiled water;
    • — 3 tbsp olive oil;
    • — 1 tbsp finely chopped capers (or pickled cucumbers);
    • — 1 pod of pepper;
    • — 1/4 tsp. ground thyme;
    • — salt and sugar to taste.
    • For the marinade white wine vinegar:
    • — 1 glass of dry white wine;
    • 1 Cup weak vinegar solution;
    • — 1 celery and parsley;
    • — 1 tbsp of sugar;
    • — 1 tsp of ground black pepper.
Prepare the meat — wash it and cut into slices. Make a marinade with a base of red or white wine according to the following recipes. Pour the meat pieces with the marinade so that they were completely covered with liquid. Leave the meat to rest in a cool place for 3-12 hours.
Marinade in red wine with Korenyatsite dry red wine and lemon juice. Bay leaf mash, carrots and parsley root cut into slices. Add the wine, carrot, parsley, spices — Bay leaf, black peppercorns, salt and sugar. Put the mixture on fire and with constant stirring heat to dissolve the salt and sugar.
Marinade in red wine with chesnokodavilke onion thin half-rings. Garlic finely chop. Parsley and thyme shred. In a saucepan, pour red wine, add the garlic, onion, herbs and pepper. Bring the mixture to a boil and cook for no more than 2 minutes. Salt to taste, refrigerate. Prepared marinade can be stored in the refrigerator for about a week.
Marinade in red wine with concommittee with warm water and a tart red wine, pour in the brandy and stir in ground red pepper. Zamarinuetsya meat in this mixture for 2 hours.
The marinade on white generatestate spices (sage, black pepper) in vegetable oil. Onion RUB on a small grater. Add the spices, onion, sugar and wine.
Marinade in white wine with capercaillie white wine vinegar with a dry white wine. Add to the mix half Cup of boiled water, olive oil, sugar and salt to taste. Heat the liquid but do not boil. Connect the marinade with capers, pepper and thyme. Cool it and leave to infuse for 10-12 hours.
Marinade in white wine with finely expansionwith the roots of celery and parsley. Mix the vinegar and white wine, add the sugar, herbs and black pepper. Boil the marinade for about 10-15 minutes, then cool.

Advice 2: How to pickle quail

Quail meat is a delicious high-calorie dietary product, rich in vitamins and minerals. Quail meat is renowned for its juiciness, tenderness and flavor of the game. When cooking marinated quail meat all the vitamins and minerals are retained.
How to pickle quail
You will need
  • To prepare quails, marinated in wine and baked with vegetables and bacon:
  • - 500 g quail;
  • - 200 g bacon;
  • - 500 g of potatoes;
  • - 400 g of broccoli;
  • - 150 g of carrots;
  • - 150 g onion;
  • - salt (to taste);
  • - pepper (to taste);
  • - 300 ml of wine;
  • - 2 tbsp of vinegar (9%);
  • - greens (dill, parsley, etc.);
  • - the oven.
  • To prepare quails, marinated in soy sauce:
  • - 500 g quail;
  • - 300 g soy sauce;
  • - the oven.
For a dinner party or festive lunch or dinner, prepare a tasty dish — quail marinated in wine and baked with vegetables and bacon. To start disassemble the quail and cut the carcass along the breast.
Prepare the marinade: mix the wine and vinegar, season with a little salt. Then put the disassembled quails in the marinade and put on 1-2 hours in the refrigerator.
Clean onion and cut into half-rings. Bacon (it is better to choose smoked) cut into small cubes. Potatoes peel and cut into slices. Also cut the carrots and add to the bowl of potatoes, where to put bacon, onion and broccoli. Then add salt and pepper according to your taste.
The baking pan in the oven brush with vegetable oil and place the mixture of vegetables and bacon. Top can decorate the dish with sprigs of greenery (dill, parsley, etc.) or dried grass. For vegetables put the quail meat. Place the mold in the oven and bake at 180 ° C for 15-20 minutes. After that, remove the form and quail brush again with vegetable oil and send in the oven for 15 minutes.
About degree of readiness of quail can be judged from the fact that start to stand out bright liquid. You can also pierce quail meat with a sharp knife. In that case, if the quail is ready and the vegetables are still not cooked, then mix them up and bake up to readiness state. In addition, vegetables and quail can be cooked separately. Thanks to the bacon and vegetables get a very juicy taste. To serve the dish to the table along with fresh vegetables or a green salad.
Very tasty combination of marinated quail meat and soy sauce. Rinse quail, then slit carcasses in the front in the form of "butterflies". To prepare this dish it is best to choose several birds of medium size. Then fold the meat in one container and pour soy sauce. Other spices can be used if desired, however, the soy sauce and enough salt, perfect for any meat dishes. Quail needs to steep for 2-3 hours.
After quail meat has marinated, put it in a oven form and bake at 180 ° C for 30 minutes. Also this dish can be cooked on coals. To bake until the meat has reached the caramel color. Feeding quail, marinated in soy sauce, with vegetables, greens or rice. Bon appetit!

Advice 3: How to marinate the meat in vinegar

To cook a soft and fragrant meat, enough to pre-soak it in the marinade. Perhaps the most famous form of a marinade based on vinegar. By following a few simple guidelines, to marinate meat, everyone can.
How to marinate the meat in vinegar
You will need
    • 1 kg of meat:
    • 1 tbsp. of vinegar;
    • 1 Cup water;
    • 3 PCs of onions;
    • 1 tsp salt;
    • Bay leaf;
    • 0,5 tsp sugar;
    • pepper and pepper pot to taste.
Before you begin to marinate the meat, cut it into pieces of the desired size.
Make a marinade. To do this, mix all the ingredients: vinegar, water, coarsely chopped onions, salt, Bay leaf, sugar, ground pepper and pepper pot to taste.
The presence in a marinade of three key ingredients, like any acid (wine, vinegar or lemon juice), salt and alcohol, reduce the time needed for marinating meat.
Place meat in airtight container and fill it with cooked marinade. As the container is not suitable utensils made of aluminium and cast iron, avoid at all possible using metal utensils. It is preferable to marinate the meat in a plastic container.
Put the container with the marinade and meat in the fridge. Never marinate meat at room temperature. Periodically remove the container and stir the meat to achieve an equal distribution of marinade.
Marinate meat in marinade that contains acid, salt or alcohol, should be no more than 4 hours.
After meat is marinated, you can start its preparation: cook the meat on the grill or bake it in the oven. And, of course, if you have outdoors, you can as described above to marinate the meat for barbecue. The marinade after use pour.
Useful advice
Do not use the marinade again.

For the marinade use for 6% vinegar.

The time of exposure of the meat in marinades that contain citrus juices, especially lemon juice or lime should not exceed two hours; and in marinades that contain no salt, acid or alcohol, the meat can stand in for the entire night and, in some cases, even longer.

Optionally, in the marinade, you can add lemon juice and a kiwi (quite a bit), which contains a special enzyme that breaks down the meat and thus making it softer.
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