You will need
    • chops;
    • salt;
    • spices;
    • lemon juice;
    • olive oil;
    • soy sauce;
    • tomato juice;
    • yogurt;
    • mineral water;
    • bow;
    • garlic.
Many Housewives like to cook meat completely in the oven. This dish requires a long stay at the stove, so it is enough to limit the minimum effort. The simplest marinade for baking the chops in a mixture consisting of equal amounts of lemon juice and olive oil. Before baking for 3-4 hours, RUB this mixture chops. In a marinade for meat, you can add finely chopped garlic and spices, for example, ground red and black pepper, Basil, coriander. Salt in the marinade is better not to add that has not left the juice from the meat. Better salt the chops before sending in the oven.
If you mix in a bowl the soy sauce and the crushed garlic will be very fragrant and delicious marinade for the chops. To the sauce add your favorite spices. Add salt is not necessary, as soy sauce is quite salty. Place chops in a deep dish and pour prepared marinade. If you have time, can withstand the meat about 3 hours in the marinade. But in principle, it is possible to cook the chops, and an hour after they are pickled. Usually chops of pork, chicken or beef during this time, sufficiently impregnated with the marinade.
Also popular are the basics of marinades for meat steaks are wine, yogurt and tomato juice. Take the prepared pork chops and lay them in a deep ceramic, enamel or glass cookware. To the meat add the spices and salt to taste. For marinating meat suit black and red pepper, rosemary, coriander, ginger, cloves, Bay leaf, mustard and Basil. Onion cut into half rings and add it to the chops. Remember hands a little meat with your bow to bow gave juice. Meat, you can add pressed garlic. If you decide to marinate the meat in wine, pour over chops white or red wine 1 glass of wine 1 kg of meat. You can add more wine 1 teaspoon of sugar. The marinade for the chops from yogurt prepared at the rate of half a Cup of yogurt and half a Cup of water for 1 kilogram of meat. Mineral water is optional, you can do one Cup of yogurt. For marinating the chops in tomato juice, you must only use pure tomato juice or diluted in water tomato paste. The amount of juice is calculated similarly for 1 kg of meat 1 Cup of juice. Once you have filled chops marinade, thoroughly mix the meat, tableware, close the lid and leave to marinate for 3-4 hours.