You will need
  • - a set of keys;
  • tube;
  • - mount;
  • - a partner.
Remove all belts attachments. For this purpose, when the transverse position of the engine, lift the car Jack and remove the front wheel. Remove half of the plastic apron, opens free access to the belts.
Disconnect the center wire of the distributor or if the engine with separate ignition for each cylinder, unplug the electrical connectors from the ignition coils. With the help of a little candle key Unscrew the spark plug. This will help to facilitate the work.
On cars of Toyota, Nissan, Lada and some other, the crankshaft rotates clockwise. Take advantage of this opportunity, attach the Allen key mounted on it a crank pipe in the head of the bolt, turn the crankshaft in direction of rotation until it stops. Make sure that you jump off of the key with the bolt head at least safely. Get behind the wheel, hit the brake and remove the machine from the transmission. Insert the key into the ignition and short the starter, rip the bolt is tightened to the crankshaft. It may happen that the bolt will not be thwarted the first time. Try again. Do not try to Unscrew the bolt to "boost" as it can break the crankshaft.
With machines of the brand Honda and Mitsubishi complicated. On these cars the engines are not located on the right and left and their crankshafts rotate in the other direction and loosen the bolt as described above will not work. Remove the top cover of the timing belt, if possible, loosen idler pulley and remove the timing belt wheel of the camshaft. Fold the top part of the timing belt into a loop and slide it onto the bracket to engine mount, then pull back the strap in the middle with a tire iron. So you firmly lock the crankshaft pulley. To perform this operation you need the help of a partner. One needs to keep coming kaneval, and the other to loosen the pulley bolt of the alternator.