You will need
  • Computer.
Initially, it is worth noting that the easiest way out of this situation — the purchase of a new car, but sometimes buying a computer is not included in one of the articles of Rhoda the family budget.
Among the obvious reasons for the braking system work are several, common on Windows platforms: the lack of memory errors in the system, often caused by the activities of viral products, and a small amount of free disk space for the system.
To free up RAM only when you end processes that you used. You can do this using "task Manager", but keep in mind, not every process can be completed, but only those, the launch of which was carried out by you. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete or Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
Navigate to the Performance tab and look at the parameter "CPU usage". When set to 100%, it is recommended to go to the tab "Processes", highlight the row and press Delete to complete the process.
Go back to the Performance tab and refer to the unit "Physical memory". If the parameter "Available" 10 or more times less than the value of the parameter "All", it says insufficient memory. Therefore, in addition to be used the hard disk as virtual memory. But the speed of the hard drive, usually in the 20-25 times smaller than the speed of RAM, so the sense will be minimal.
To avoid high load on the hard drive for Windows operating systems XP and above only possible when you change memory modules or hard drives to a device with a higher level of the cache memory. Since the series system Windows Vista introduced ReadyBoost, which allows you to increase the amount of RAM through the use of fast usb drives.