As with any herbs – chicory you can collect and dry. You can also buy the finished product at the pharmacy. The most useful properties of the root and that it mimics the taste of coffee (the caffeine it contains). Therefore, for hypertensive patients, the drink is safe. The composition of the plant includes inulin that can be consumed by diabetics.

Variety of vitamins (especially b and minerals), chicory confer useful properties that contribute to:

-strengthen the immune system – cichorieae acid improves the immune system and is used as prophylaxis against viral respiratory infections;

-reconstruction of the digestive process after a struggle with obesity;

- strengthen the heart and nervous systems – chicory contains magnesium, potassium and reduces cholesterol in the blood;

- purification of the organism from the purulent wounds;

- has a calming effect;

- the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases;

- reduces the chance of diseases of the genitourinary system.

The use of chicory pregnant women will not bring any danger. The opposite can fight anemia because it contains iron.

In addition, chicory contains folic acid (using only one Cup, the body will receive half of the daily value).

Contraindications drink:

- not recommended to use soluble chicory with varicose veins, increased cough, gastritis, asthma;

because chicory contains ascorbic acid, it can cause allergic to vitamin C;

- individual intolerance.

You should pay attention to the expiration date and composition. Quality product in the composition should be present the crushed root of the plant. Most importantly, do not dissolve the product in boiling water (water should be just hot). In a Cup of water for 2 tsp. of chicory. You can add milk or honey with sugar, jam or cocoa from this quality and properties will not change. To the body is enriched with nutrients a day is enough to drink up to 4 cups. In addition, chicory can be included in the diet and children.