Struggling with fatty deposits ginger, cinnamon. Often it is recommended to add these spices in your food. For example, a half spoon of cinnamon a day helps to metabolize sugar, decreases its level in the blood. So not overeating, it becomes easier to control appetite.

Next come the onions, garlic. They are good clean vessels, improve metabolism. Reduced amount of excess fat. But we must remember that the abuse of these products can harm even a healthy stomach. Moreover, they are contraindicated in those who have gastritis or ulcers.

Products slimming are Turkey, chicken Breasts, fish, egg whites. The protein contained in these products, essential for the formation of muscle mass. It spent a huge amount of calories result in excess fat burns up.

Fruits contain substances that promote fat burning, improve metabolism. This applies particularly to the citrus fruits and, in particular, to a grapefruit. It reduces the amount of insulin in the blood. Therefore less hungry. If the day to eat 1 grapefruit along with a variety of films (to drink a glass of fresh juice), you can lose about 1 kg per week. But when problems with the gastrointestinal tract it is recommended to dilute the juice with water.

Stimulates digestion and prevents new fat deposited pineapple. It reduces the feeling of hunger, but because it contained acid it is not recommended on an empty stomach. Apples with pectin, not allowed to absorb fat. In raspberries contain substances which take part in the breakdown of fats.

Among vegetables the leading position in the fat-burning properties is celery. It activates metabolism, quickly fills the stomach, not allowing you to overeat.

These fat burners available to everyone. It is recommended to add in the daily menu. Of course, in any case, you need to limit the consumption of sweets, cakes and fat. Contribute to the burning of the stored fat will be a half-hour walk at a quick pace.