• Fresh apples - 2 kg (you can substitute applesauce - 1.2 kg);
  • 2 eggs (only need the whites);
  • Sugar - 500 g


  1. Washed, cleaned but not peeled apples on an oiled greaseproof paper and bake in the oven at a temperature of 200 degrees for 25 minutes. The fruit should be soft and tender. Apples and is baked about 10 minutes due to its consistency.
  2. Now, after baking, the apples must be cleaned from rind and mash through a sieve before the formation of air in the slurry.
  3. Apple sauce mixed with sugar and plentifully beat, the result is the air mass lighter shade, something resembling custard. The mixture should increase in volume by nearly two times, maybe more.
  4. Put it in a refrigerator a quarter of the whipped mashed potatoes, you will need it for future layer dessert.
  5. The workpiece is spread on the sheet, pre-laid parchment paper, to send to oven with door ajar.
  6. Since candy is pretty dried for a long time in the oven it's baked in a thin layer (not more than 2 cm in height) about 7 hours at a temperature of 50 degrees.
  7. The finished leaves are cut into equal slices, then sandwiching raw Apple weight should be cake.
  8. Leave it again in the oven, but this time for 4 hours at a temperature of 60, also ajar door.

Apple pastila is ready, store it for about 6 months.