Advice 1: Recipe of marshmallow apples: cooking at home tasty treat

Candy – Apple treat, familiar to many from early childhood. It is long, but it turns out tasty, fragrant, in appearance and tastes like marmalade.
Recipe of marshmallow apples: cooking at home tasty treat

How to make candy Apple at home?

This homemade Apple cider marshmallows are very good for health as it contains many vitamins and minerals. For its preparation you need a Mature healthy fruits without wormholes and rot. After these are collected, they need to be washed, cut into slices and remove the core. Then take the pot or pan with a thick bottom, pour water in it so that it exactly covers the bottom centimeter. More pour is not necessary, as during cooking of the apples will release juice, which will not allow them to burn.

Then you need to continue to prepare pastes of apples, which fruit is placed in a pot and send it on a medium heat. Need to cook until the apples are completely softened. Usually by the time it takes 40-120 minutes depending on the hardness of the fruit and their ripeness. To prevent the apples is not necessary. Once they are cooked, they need to get cool, RUB through a sieve with small cells.

Further, natural Apple candy is prepared as follows: the received mashed potatoes, rubbed through a sieve, is laid out evenly on the plastic wrap (baking paper or oil cloth), put on a wide Board attached to it. The thickness of the layer should be not more than 7 and not less than 4 mm. Too thin layer may cause rupture of the pastes.

The Board with the puree should be placed on the street. Best for drying pastes are considered hot, Sunny days. However, in windy and cloudy weather it is quite fast drying. The main thing – that it would not rain. To candy not damp, at night it is necessary to bring them in. The willingness of the Goodies need to determine its dryness and elasticity. Just do not forget that the middle of the marshmallow always dries slower than its edge.

Dried Apple candy should be storing. She was fresh as long as possible, it should be wrapped in plastic wrap, pre-cut into small pieces.

Small practical tips

Dry Apple candy and you open the oven. To do this with the cooked apples to drain the juice, RUB them through a sieve, spread out on the baking paper lying on a baking sheet and send in the oven preheated to 100C. The finished treats will have a reddish tint.

It is impossible to make Apple candy in an enamel saucepan, as it will constantly burn. On paper the treat dries much faster than on film.

Advice 2 : Proper storage of pastes

Candy is a confection that is obtained by whipping egg whites with fruit-berry mass and sugar, then this mixture is mixed with a heated sugar syrup, molasses, marmalade ground or agaras. If translated from Latin, pasta means "cake". The sweetness goes well with tea, coffee, use it instead of candy, fruit snack without chemicals.
Proper storage of pastes
This is a gentle delicacy we have a long time - since the fourteenth century. In those days, for its preparation took only two ingredients - honey and apples. It is worth noting that candy is useful, because it does not contain fats, but there is a pectin that causes the cholesterol level to normal.

How to choose candy

Marshmallows are sensitive to moisture, so if you buy candy, then test the tightness of the packaging. Fresh, high-quality candy will be elastic, if to press it, it will not crack. And if the marshmallows got sticky, so this product kept malfunctioning.

How to store Apple candy

Dried candy apples store in clean jars. First, the treat should be cut into serving strips, roll roll. First, the marshmallow may seem to touch a little wet, but she must not get his hands dirty. If when cutting the candy breaks down, it is over dried or burned. If the mass inside the raw, slightly greasy, candy need a bit to dry, and then clean glass jars.

How to store Belevsky candy

This candy can be stored for a year. Just put it in a sealed container, put in a dark place. But in a plastic bag to keep candy, this treat will become sticky, will deteriorate very quickly. Can be rented for the storage of linen bags, soak them in a salt solution, then the marshmallow will not infest insects. If you kept the candy more than six months, it is advisable before use to warm it in the oven.
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