Material mazanet was first created and patented in 1929 in Canada, "Metanet". First masanet were obtained by pressing wood chips with hot fashion. Nowadays technology have improved, but not changed significantly. Firma Metanet" started to produce new material that brought them big profits. But first Metanet only used for worktops, later he started to do the doors.

The popularity of the new doors were rising daily, in the US they firmly took the leading position, and then penetrated into Europe. In the 90s, these doors appeared in Russia. After the invention of the wood veneer and laminated doors about Metanet undeservedly forgotten.

Technology for the production of doors from metanite includes making the door panels out of this material, the mount is done on a wooden frame. The door is filled inside often cardboard. The people this technology is called a technology sandwich. It provides with the low price of the door, its high reliability and strength, while the doors themselves were very easy.

Door trim included a first priming the surface, then varnish or laminating them. This finish helped to create a unique door that were not similar to each other. Depending on the finish of the following types mezonetovy doors:

  1. Smooth, varnished.
  2. Laminated – often have a imitation of any natural material, especially the beautiful wood look.
  3. With veneering the front door parts – this finish is very similar to a tree.
  4. Doors for painting, these doors have no finish, the process is completed at the stage of priming. Finishing is carried out independently of the buyer and his tastes.

Meet mazonitovye door with insert glass, tinted glass or stained glass.