Typically, this design is accompanied by all kinds of bright spots, accessories, unusual Wallpaper or brightly painted walls. To maintain a certain music–dance themes very advantageous to look posters of his favorite bands on the walls, decorative musical plate. Of course, no disco ball on the ceiling as a chandelier this style simply may not exist.

At the present time offers a very interesting solution, when the room is divided into two zones. The first area of personal space, she may be more calm, to the person pressed all the bright colors and the other side is for the reception and hobby room. The second area to decorate in the most unimaginable color and is in any case will not prevent conception.

Bright accessories only complement the created image of the room and will be able to reveal his name from the other side, which prefers the owner. Some give their choice of romantic music and dance. Such rooms still drawn in a more peaceful, monotonous style, but for more active people will approach the bright paint colors of the rainbow. But most importantly, do not overdo it, otherwise people will begin to tire of such smooth walls.

As decorations on the Windows to hang curtains that are made of durable, shimmering beads. They will be very harmoniously with the disco ball. All is bright is the main essence of disco style. To create this style, you can even have independent production of jewelry than neoprene they are, the more personality they add to the room.

In General terms, this style cannot exist without imagination, so there are absolutely no rules. The main thing is to listen to yourself and make room as wished soul. Do not be afraid of manifestations of violent fantasies, so as to build a design concept, to creative ideas, there is no limit.