What are the main points to consider in the design of the interior of the cafe? They are as follows:

1. Style cafes have to match the kitchen, which offers visitors institution.

2. In the interior design takes into account the age category of visitors and their specific interests.

3. The premises must use a clear layout.

4. Comfort rooms will give well-chosen and well-organized lighting.

5. Due consideration should be given as a hall for visitors, and restrooms, lobby, and the wardrobe.

In any cafe should be in harmony with aesthetics, unique style, comfort, practicality and functionality. If all these elements are kept in optimal relationship with each other, it will create inside the cafe is the perfect atmosphere for a pleasant pastime. This is one of the most important factors ensuring the relevance and profitability of their business.

Key features of interiors of cafes of various kinds:

1. For the cafe elite category, it is necessary to use expensive and pretentious accessories, various accessories and finishing materials.

2. In the so-called fast-food outlets, receiving daily a huge number of visitors, a good choice will be airy décor, minimalist style and maximum space.

3. For the business café is characterized mainly by extravagant and well-remembered items and accessories.

4. In the interior design of sushi bars and pizzerias, it is recommended to use European and ethnographic styles, hi-tech, pop art and various combinations of several styles.

5. Inside the fabulous cafe should be fabulously decorated, compact children's play area.

6. The interior of the various club facilities are built taking into account features of their activity.

7. Cafe, serving dishes of different national cuisines to be executed depending on the flavor of a particular country and the characteristics of its style.

In the interior of the cafe necessarily take into account the degree of their practicality and the possibility of good saving on the finish, but in any case, the main objective of these institutions remains to attract a large number of potential visitors and making a good profit.