Kitchen is a special room in the house and you need to consider a number of factors:

  • High temperature and high humidity while cooking. The materials used in the finishing of the kitchen, needs with dignity withstand all these external influences.
  • High floor load. The floor must be prepared for the fact that it will constantly be a mechanical action.

To visually enlarge the space allows compliance with such moments:

  1. Color. To visually expand the boundaries of the room by using bright and neutral colors. Smooth lacquered coating for small kitchens the perfect choice. They reflect the light. It also looks great glossy tile or laminate, mounted longitudinally. You can visually enlarge the space, placing over the kitchen table and ceiling point bright lights. Dining table is a separate area and above it, too, is to accommodate a variety of lamps.
  2. Kitchen furniture design, as well as its form and color plays a big role in the kitchen interior, especially a small kitchen. Light furniture with no bright elements will suit you most. It does not look bulky, especially in cases where the furniture and walls the same color or shades do not contrast with each other. Designers are advised to the far corner to put the tall piece is visually make the ceiling higher.
  3. You should use all surfaces, including the window sill. It is possible to make a separate working area. If funds allow, the space under the window sill can be freed by abandoning the conventional battery. The floor heating system will not freeze in the cold season. In the space under the sill, you can put the washing machine or any other appliances, the right size. Regarding the choice of interior design, small kitchens are best made in the style of hi-tech or minimalism.

In the modern world small kitchen is not a sentence. There are many furniture, appliances and accessories designed for indoor small area.