To begin to understand a little terminology. Yoga postures are called asanas. Savasana is the easiest of the asana where you lie on your back. It would seem, what could be easier? But the most important task in this position is not in itself lying, and your feelings. You have to take in so-called borderline state where you are between sleep and wakefulness. The most important thing is not to fall asleep, hold it as long as I can. Relax, breathe evenly and calmly. And not to be distracted by extraneous sounds and objects, focus all your attention on the sensations of the body, throw away all extraneous thoughts out of my head.

After doing exercises just remember all of these feelings, as in practice the following asanas you need to achieve the same boundary condition. To do this follow the simple rules given below:

1. Taking the chosen pose, focus on feelings: are you comfortable or not? When performing asanas you should not feel any discomfort, whether it is numbness, excessive blood flow, or simply uncomfortable. In this case, repeat all over again until you feel complete relaxation. If in this case nothing comes out, use to start ancillary items, such as a wall or a chair.

2. Finding a comfortable position, relax as if you were doing the Shavasana. Just remember that different asanas involve various groups of muscles which have to support you. That is, muscles that are relaxed and which are tense, in different poses will alternate.

3. Focus all your attention on the breath: it should be smooth, free, easy, in any case not sharp and not noisy, the abdomen may rise and fall.

4. Successfully perform all the manipulations above, you hold the asana as long as you can. For a start it can be a few seconds or minutes, then the runtime must be extended. After each asana relax at least a few minutes before proceeding to the next.

No need to chase impossibly complex asanas or hope for a quick result. Small steps can reach great goals!