The best time for practicing yoga is early morning or evening from 19 to 21 hours. Morning classes will help you gain vitality and strength, will awaken the sleeping energy. In the evening you will be able to remove the stress of the day, to establish your thoughts in a calm tone and get ready for bed.
Exercises for the morning and evening are different. In the morning you must do the "sun salutation" in the evening "greeting the moon". In the morning you can do complex asanas in the evening you need to limit the execution of the asanas that require serious physical exertion. It is better to practice meditation, to lie down in Shav-asana.
At first, do not handle the execution of complex asanas. In yoga everything is built from simple to complex. Start with stretching, asanas for strengthening of the joints, twisting. Inverted asanas do only under the guidance of an experienced teacher. For example, the headstand should be done only with a safety net. Despite the fluidity of movement in yoga asana is built incorrectly can be the cause of the injury. And the sense of such exercises will not. The whole therapeutic effect of yoga is reached only if absolutely correct execution of the asanas.
To do yoga by yourself is better for video. So you will be easier to understand all the nuances of the asanas. Better if there is a mirror that is always well visible errors. In yoga almost all the exercises are done with a straight back. To control the spin better in the mirror. Relaxation can include quiet music of nature.
In yoga there are several schools, each with its own principle of teaching and the level of difficulty. When buying course, note what kind of yoga will be taught. Better to start with lower difficulty levels - yoga system Iyengar.