In adolescence increases the load: the boys attend extra classes, electives, sections and circles. This increases the volume of the school program. As a result, the parents go to the doctor with complaints of aggressive behavior of the child, his laziness, isolation. Examination usually reveals no health problems.

When the load increases on the psyche of a teenager falls into depression. Under pressure from his parents, he attends extra classes, not sharing the confidence the elders in their need. Often the teenager does not connect school with future aspirations in life. So he begins to resist, trying to draw attention to themselves, looking for sympathy or fenced off from stimuli with a mask of apathy and indifference. The increased amount of information and requirements makes more responsible kids to feel the fear of failure, bad grades, punishment. Overwhelmed psyche unable to cope independently with stress, falls into a state of stupor.

Application of autogenic training for mental relaxation and relieves emotional tension, leading to neurotic disorders, sleep disorders.

Self-knowledge, self-awareness, the ability not to shift the blame to others, and to understand their mistakes and take control of emotions in their own hands – one of the many reasons classes for Teens anger management. At competent creation of classes, the choice of individual methods, the specialist works well.