To stop being resentful, you need to remember that you no one should. Now remember some of the last offense, play in the memory of the situation with this offense, but with the knowledge that you do, no one should. You still hurt? The more you practice, the easier you'll receive. And then you don't come to mind at all, as this could be offended.
To stop being resentful, we must put aside all emotions, break the event into several smaller and see what happens in the dry residue. The result is a completely neutral action that offended actually, not seriously. Play so a different offense. Practice.
To stop the offense, be a virtual translator. For example, if in the crowd a man threw you in a trace: "what are you doing!", you need to enable translator with boorish language on intelligent. And when the translation will be: "Sorry, but it was my leg and it really hurts". The offense is clearly not that, you can even sympathize.
If you are offended by sarcastic remarks in his address, remember the phrase "If you want to avoid criticism, do nothing, nothing to say, and be nothing." So these barbs in your address, a sign that you are standing in one place and achieved something in life. And the higher you climb, the more you will hear criticism. The offense here that should be proud of yourself!
Finally, remember that before you take offense, think about why you are doing this, and thus will achieve. It will be decided whether your problem this way? Or do you use resentment as a means of manipulation to get what they want... In any case cease to take offense, chase that feeling away and your soul will be always smelling the flowers.