First is to decide what kind of apartment you need to pick up: price range, area, number of rooms, presence of furniture etc. to Determine the criteria housing, you can start looking for it. You first need to call all friends, acquaintances, relatives and ask around, maybe someone of them or their friends rents an apartment.

You can also advertise on social networks. Then you need to contact all ads from Newspapers and websites, sometimes you can find there ads from the owner, but mostly there are some intermediaries.

If it doesn't work, then you need to write the ads and go to paste them on the desired area. Ads are affixed at entrances, Bulletin boards, stop, but you need to remember that the ad does not hang longer than one day, it either rips the janitor, or stick the next layer. If you need housing urgently, not to be left without a roof over your head, it is better to turn to trusted realtors, they in a short time will select the appropriate housing option.

When the desired option is selected, you need to carefully inspect it. To check the efficiency of all equipment, taps in the kitchen and in the bathroom, to see if the flow battery. If the tenant are satisfied, then the next stage stipulates the conditions of residence is the rent, utility payments, terms of payment, etc. After this is a lease of residential property, which spells out all conditions and responsibilities of both parties.

The Treaty is not worth saving and it is better to turn to a trusted realtor, have him draw up the contract. It is not excluded that in the future between the tenant and the landlord may be a misunderstanding, a properly written contract will help them to quickly resolve. After signing the agreement, the tenant receives the keys from the accommodation and can enter and live.