• The language of pork or beef – 400 g
  • Carrot 1 PC.
  • Egg – 2 PCs.
  • Olives (olives) – 8 PCs.
  • Gelatin – 25 g
  • Salt
  • Greens
  • Spices optional


  1. Take the language, thoroughly wash and boil in salted water until fully cooked. Then cool, peel from the film and cut into slices. Beef tongue is cooked for approximately 2 – 2.5 hours pork about 1.5 – 2 hours, depending on weight.
  2. Gelatin to pour a glass of water (200 g) at room temperature and leave for half an hour to make it swell. After 30 minutes the gelatin should be dissolved in a water bath. Then mix it with the broth, which was preparing the language. Strain through cheesecloth to remove pieces not soluble gelatin.
  3. Take a large deep container and place on its bottom sliced tongue. Previously boiled, peeled and chilled carrots cut into slices. Here you can use your imagination and start to create. For example, put the carrot pattern in the form of flowers, ornaments. The same manipulations are done with the olives, egg and herbs. The appearance of the filler will depend entirely on your imagination.
  4. The time has come when the entire "composition" to fix the broth. It should be done very carefully, in order not to spoil all the efforts. The broth is poured carefully with a spoon.
  5. Now 1.5 – 2 hours, the jelly is in the fridge. This time is sufficient to swollen gelatin and firmly recorded pattern.
  6. The last stage. Pour the remaining broth into the dish, so that under it completely disappeared recorded vegetables.

That's all filler "Fantasy" is almost ready, it remains only to wait until it fully hardens.