Insulation foam under the siding

The cheapest form would be the laying of insulation foam. It is placed between racks, crates, often attaching with glue. The foam material is very light, so stick it is not working. But it is important to note that quality insulation will be obtained only when using a fairly thick slabs of material. Their thickness should be approximately 10 cm and That is for the frame under the siding will have to take fat bars. And this is an additional inconvenience that is best avoided.

PENOPLEX heat insulation under the siding

Working with foam polystyrene in this case looks about the same as with foam. It can be mounted not only on clay, but on the dowels. Moreover, a layer of foam polystyrene may be considerably less. Even if you are using plates with a thickness 5 cm, insulation under the siding work is very high quality. Polystyrene is resistant to moisture, does not burn, is a long time. Why not even have some special way to protect it. After laying the foam polystyrene can immediately proceed to the installation of front panels.

Mineral wool under the siding-panel

A General lack of foam and foam polystyrene in their low sustainability. Absolutely other business – mineral wool. It is used when you want to obtain the insulating layer, capable of easily transmitting air and not spoiling the overall sustainability of the covering. But mineral wool is also a very serious disadvantage. It consists in the fact that the insulation quickly deteriorates due to contact with moisture. Therefore, before installing siding panels will have to cover the insulation layer and waterproofing.

Each method described below has the right to life. But the owner needs to choose the one that in his case it will be the most successful. Only then, right after the insulation work, he will get a decent result. Siding will protect the wall from damage and to beautify the building, and the heat insulator to prevent heat loss.