Of course, you can use the services of a car wash, where for salon your iron friend can offer dry cleaning services, a body wash, wet cleaning and cleaner interior. Of course, to enroll in the sink and to go there is quite simple, but the fun is not the cheapest. Especially if you love to ride in your car with Pets, vacuuming should be after each trip to maintain the cleanliness and fresh air in the cabin.

The easiest and best option is to buy your own car cleaner. It will be a great help for cleaning the interior from dust, fur and dirt. When choosing a cleaner for your car, it is necessary to understand for what purposes it is needed.

Today there are several types of car vacuum cleaners.

The No. 1 cordless vacuum. This model is not longer than 25 minutes without a break. It is as easy to remove dry and minor debris. For example, dust or husk from the seeds. This vacuum has no cord. The model size is small, which is convenient in cleaning hard to reach places in the cabin. Since the cleaner is very small, the power is also accordingly low. The downside is that its battery needs to be charged before each cleaning. In addition, time limited, and if you don't have time to vacuum the interior of your car for 25 minutes, then the apparatus for cleaning would have to be recharged, that takes a lot of time and nerves.

№2 the vacuum Cleaner from the cigarette lighter. It delivers greater capacity compared to previous model. Such a device is ideal for thorough and long lasting cleaning of interior. The functioning of this model is not restricted. The vacuum cleaner is able to clean the seat any, even the most complex contaminants, including wool Pets.

From the disadvantages are the large weight and large dimensions compared to the previous dust collector. There is also a cord that some people bothers to clean the cabin, in addition, the cord limits the distance at which you can apply this model.