Lack of vitamins

This is the main reason of discomfort. You need to understand what vitamins to consume, so the body felt good and life was more comfortable.

• Vitamin E. This vitamin is a construction base tissues, reproductive system, hair, nails and skin. To make up for the deficiency of vitamin E can such products: vegetable oil, walnuts, soy, fish and other seafood, sesame and sunflower seeds, poppy seeds .

• Iron. It can be obtained from veal liver, red fish and caviar, and lamb meat. The high content of iron in apples, buckwheat groats, dried fruit and pomegranate juice. In order to better absorb iron, it can not be used together with kislomolochny. The gap between them should be at least two hours.

• Magnesium. Lack of magnesium expressed a special desire to eat something sweet. To replenish the body with magnesium should eat for Breakfast buckwheat or millet porridge, bananas and drink a lot of mineral water.

• Calcium. About the lack of calcium signals in the hair and nails. First become very brittle and start to flake second. Calcium and a small amount of calories contain the following products: low-fat cottage cheese, eggs, cereals, legumes and soy. In order for calcium to be effective, you need to know exactly when to use it. The best time for fermented dairy products is from 6 to 11 PM.

Not gain weight

During menstruation it is very easy to gain extra pounds. Therefore, there are special terms of power:

• A week before menstruation is necessary to increase the number of products that contain fiber and complex carbohydrates. Fiber will help flush the excess water that will protect against weight gain. The foods that contain a lot of fiber, include cabbage, buckwheat, apples and soybeans.

• Don't forget about the activity. Exercise will provide energy and good mood. Only need to reduce the load. A deal is possible, for example, Jogging. This sport contributes to the saturation of vessels with oxygen.

• Not to drink water after a meal. There is a belief that by drinking water while eating, you can expand the stomach. Nutritionists advise drinking water after a meal. Therefore, it is necessary to drink before meals or an hour after. So it is possible to balance the need for food and overcome hunger.