So, all vitamin complexes are divided into different age categories, in addition, they can contain different amount of vitamins and minerals in one capsule. On average, the complexes with the daily vitamin content is designed for two months of acceptance. During this time the body will completely fill the needs in nutrients.

However, there are some complexes that you should drink no more than two weeks as the vitamins they contain in higher doses. Simply put, a normal healthy person should begin with a standard b vitamin complex, and after two months, you can go on a smaller dose.

You need to take them in the morning, while eating something, and then mastering them to be much more effective. Conduct of the course should be no more than once or twice a year, the only exception is for professional athletes, employees of hazardous industries and people living in difficult climatic conditions.

Ideally, if one tablet will contain all 13 vitamins is 100% of what you need.

These vitamins include: A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, D2, D3, E, H, PP.

Themselves vitamin complexes can be produced in completely different forms: it can be ordinary tablets, capsules, and also in the form of gummies and candies in the form of soluble effervescent tablets and drinks. There is absolutely no difference what make, as long as it was convenient.

By the way, it must be remembered that vitamin complexes is still a synthetic substance, and they may contain in their composition dyes, starch, sugar. Therefore, people who are prone to allergic reactions before buying should go through a consultation with the doctor.

And most importantly, what you need to know is that the vitamin is not a panacea for all diseases, after drinking that, overall health immediately improved. Vitamins are only meant to help the body to resist various harmful factors from the outside. They will help only when man himself starts to take care of your health, forget about bad habits and bad food.