How to choose a vitamin complex for men

On the shelves of pharmacies you can see a large abundance of vitamin complexes. To choose from such quantity necessary tool can be on the advice of a doctor. If you have recently suffered serious illness, undergone a surgical intervention or a lot of smoke, consume alcoholic drinks, to maintain the body and replenish the nutrients you'll need a fully balanced vitamin complex with a daily dose of vitamins and minerals, corresponding to the who recommendations.
In the presence of serious chronic diseases vitamin complexes you need to find the advice of a physician.

The ideal solution is to choose a vitamin complex "Complivit", "Centrum", "supradin", "I", "Aerovit". By using these drugs can in a short time to remedy the lack of vitamins and minerals, to restore and strengthen the immune system.

For men, the leading sports way of life for a long time forced to respect the high physical loads, require additional intake of vitamins A,b, C, E, zinc, magnesium, potassium and calcium. A great solution would be purchasing vitamin complexes under the trade names: "alphabetic", "Centrum", "Vitrum", "supradin". These medicines contain the entire daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals that help quickly get in shape even after intensive training.

Currently, many representatives of the stronger sex have a long time to sit at the computer. Sedentary lifestyle and amplified the load on vision – carts for a course receiving a vitamin complex "Complivit Ophtalmo". It consists of: lutein, vitamin a, selenium, all the b vitamins, and zeaxanthin. This combination provides the body with the substances necessary for normal metabolism and helps to reduce the load on the optic nerve.
Remember, vitamins and minerals should be taken under the supervision of a specialist. The excess of active substances is not less harmful than the lack of them.

In the season of flu and colds, when the incidence exceeded the allowable threshold, it is necessary to pay special attention to strengthening the immune system. Choose a vitamin complex with selenium and a high content of vitamin C, and V.

How long to take vitamin complexes men

Buying any multivitamin complex, read the instructions carefully. As prevention rational use of vitamins in spring and autumn for 20-30 days. With the purpose of treatment taking vitamins should recommend your doctor. During the summer instead of vitamin complexes to include in your diet plenty of vegetables and fresh herbs, enough time spend outdoors.