Everyone knows that the human body is approximately 70% water. But few people think, why in our body as much water. It turns out this is directly related to the fact that most of our cells alive and functioning in the so-called internal environment of the body. Stability of the human body depends on how stable the internal environment of the body. For this stability and meets the water. Water is needed by cells to maintain constant volume, the correct protein synthesis, nutrient delivery to cells and removal of waste products. The lack of drinking water leads to disturbances in the internal environment and, consequently, to disturbances in the cells.

Dehydration is very dangerous condition of the body, which can lead to a fatal outcome. It is therefore important to know the symptoms of dehydration, monitor your health and to promptly replenish the water balance at the first sign of water shortage. The initial signs of dehydration include dry mouth, thirst, weakness and dizziness.

Another important function of water in the body is to maintain an optimal body temperature and against overheating. Most of the processes in the body occur with evolution of heat which must be removed from the body. This feature conductor of heat and performs water, it removes excess heat to the external integument of the body and outputs them to the external environment by evaporation of sweat from the skin. Additional exercise or too high ambient temperature additional heat the body, making it even harder to sweat. But the process of sweating lowers the water level in the body and therefore it is very important to drink more water during exercise and in hot weather.

The average rate for a person is two litres of water a day, but in fact this figure is very conditional. Own rate quantity of the necessary water can be determined by watching your health during the day. A good indicator of the adequacy of water is urine color: ideally, it should be very bright with a light straw color.

Drinking all the recommended water rate will help to improve your health and plus to this to control weight, because drinking enough water significantly reduces appetite and suppresses the desire to eat something delicious.