You will need
    • For one Korzh:
    • 3 eggs;
    • 0,5 tbsp. sugar;
    • 1 Cup jam, seedless;
    • 1 tbsp. strong brewed tea;
    • 1/2 tsp. of baking soda;
    • 2 tbsp. flour;
    • 50 g butter.
    • For the custard:
    • 500 ml of whipping cream;
    • 2 egg yolks;
    • 1 tbsp. sugar;
    • 1 tbsp flour;
    • 50 g butter;
    • vanilla.
    • In addition:
    • 1 Bank of condensed milk with sugar;
    • beaten egg whites;
    • berries
    • fruit
    • marmalade
    • candy
    • decoration for the cake.
Select the recipe for the cake. For example, an excellent basis for a multi-tiered treats will be cake "Tea". Whisk the eggs with the sugar until the formation of fluffy foam. Add butter, jam, tea, soda, flour. Mix well, knead the batter, as for pancakes.
Pour it into a baking pan. Preheat oven to 180oC. Bake each base cakeand 40-45 minutes. The number of cakes depends on how many tiers you plan to make the cake. For example, you can stop at three.
Cakes can be prepared in the forms of different size. Or make the base for the cakeand the same, then the two of them to reduce in diameter. Take two plates – one smaller than the diameter of the cake into two, and the second at four centimeters. Attach the plate to the middle of the cake. Carefully with a sharp knife cut the "extra" circuit. Reduce the basics you need while they are still hot.
While the cakes rumanetsa in the oven, prepare the cream. For connection of the foundations will need boiled condensed milk. Unopened can of condensed milk with sugar put in a saucepan with water and place over medium heat. Need to cook for 3-4 hours.
To decorate the cakeand prepare the creamy custard. Yolks, cream, sugar, flour and combine together and mix well. Put on a slow fire. Stirring constantly, bring to a boil. Wait until the cream thickens, remove from heat and slightly cool. Then soften butter, combine with cream, add vanilla and beat with a mixer until a homogeneous mass.
Now, connect the basics of using the cream. On a flat plate, place the largest cake. Grease boiled condensed milk. On top put the medium and small foundations, also soaking them with condensed milk.
Evenly coat the entire cake with custard. Decorate it using whipped egg whites, fruits and berries, candy, jellies, or special decorations for the cake.