English textbooks for kids truly diverse. They filled the shelves in bookstores, they sell them online, and some remained even after learning of the parents and older children. What textbook English to choose for teaching preschooler?

We can say only that don't need to use old textbooks. Publications issued to 90-year contain very different techniques and are based on different principles of learning. Today, when learning English it is important not to teach your child to read in a foreign language, and to teach him to speak and to perceive speech in a language, to acquaint with English language interest and to make the class a real adventure. So choose the tutorial that will contain a colorful presentation of the material, color pictures and stickers, be sure to have a recording of conversations and songs. For mom or teacher it is useful to have this tutorial for more cards and a book explaining how to conduct each lesson. That is, in the end, instead of a single book you must be this small complex of different exercises and pictures that will make English lessons welcome game for kid.

English textbooks

It is best to buy tutorials of English Oxford publishers, Cambridge University Press, Pearson Longman, Express Publishing, Macmillan. First, these books are designed for a specific language level - beginner or advanced. Each tutorial has an indication, for example, the numbers 1, 2, 3. Easily keep track of which book to start, easy to continue training, if series like. Second, these textbooks contain a set of training materials - a book for teacher, book for a child, sometimes a workbook where you can complete the exercises, draw, cut, glue, and CDs with recordings of conversational speech, poems and songs, cards and additional exercises, games with the baby. Thirdly, these textbooks take into account the psychological development and characteristics of preschoolers, those jobs that are of interest to young children. Such books have a story, an adventure, in which you can participate preschooler, heroes, which he knows at the favorite cartoons or fairy tales.

Among these books especially popular: My first English Adventure, Wonderland, Join in, Playway, Happy Hearts, Fairy Land, Welcome. English textbooks prepared by authors from the UK, so they used the most popular language, which will help the child quickly learn the words and structures and speak in a foreign language. The only disadvantage of such books is that all the materials in them are in English, so you need a fairly good understanding of English to understand exactly how built exercises and assignments.

Russian textbooks

Among the Russian books especially notable is the textbook vereshagino I. N. It is called "English" and more suitable for children 5-6 years old and the younger students just starting to learn English. Attractive it makes the availability of the explanation of the transition from simple to complex, the material first in Russian and then in English. This tutorial will be understandable for the child and for the adult, even without a book for the teacher.

Another famous Russian author with the developed methodology of teaching English to children from 3 years old is Valery Mescheryakov. She has created a course that includes different levels of proficiency. Each of them presents songs, games and dialogues in English, for each created textbooks and workbooks. The main focus of each lesson becomes an audio recording, the student is actively involved in the story at the lesson answers the questions of characters, singing and drawing with them. These lessons can even take place without parents or teachers.