He came from ancient China and was in China so expensive that to enjoy it was only available to the Imperial family. Even the most close person could only dream about it, and a meal was taken as a sign of special favor from the Lord.

The raw material for this tea is harvested on special bushes, growing high in the mountains and only in the territory of China, in areas with a specific microclimate. Only two hours early in the morning two special days of spring and autumn pickers pluck the delicate buds and top young leaves on the shoot, and no more than two. Even the weather matters – the sky must be clear and cloudless.

Treatment when production is minimal – not more than a minute for a couple. Next – natural drying in the sun. It is this method gives you the opportunity to save the greatest number of useful properties and makes white tea unique.

Brewing it in a glass or ceramic bowl with fresh water heated to a maximum of 80 degrees.

It is capable to free radicals that age the body and disturb metabolism. A small presence in its composition of caffeine makes a unique and delicate flavor, adds sophistication to the flavor. Special connoisseurs consider it a natural antidepressant – pleasure obtained by consumption of the drink, uplifting!

It can be used not only inside. The presence of white tea extract in creams and masks imparts the properties to rejuvenate the skin, making it smooth and supple, refreshes the complexion.

Beneficial effect of white tea on the body as a whole. It promotes the removal of toxins, tones up, strengthens immunity, improves metabolism, which is especially important for people with excess weight – tea helps to get rid of internal fat. Will help with a hangover because of its ability to remove toxins. He is considered one of the preventive methods of caries, dental plaque, and even cancer. It has been clearly proven its ability to resist atherosclerosis.

This tea has almost no contraindications, except, perhaps, in the very rare cases of Allergy to the drink itself. Expectant and nursing mothers also should be careful.