The range of tea is so varied that, perhaps, no definitely will not be able to answer the question of what kind of tea is the best. Of course, it all depends on the personal preferences of the consumer, but it is necessary to talk about those varieties of tea that are considered the most sophisticated and useful. The most popular are green tea, Oolong tea, PU-erh and of course, herbal tea.
These kinds of tea have been the best for many fans, perhaps they will like you. Of course, black tea is also a great option, but you can talk and argue about it endlessly, in addition, he, perhaps, is the traditional drink for many Russians. Everything has become so accustomed to it that when you select the "best" tea little attention black tea any attention, perceiving this drink for granted.

Turquoise tea - a real gift gourmet

Today there are more than 250 varieties of turquoise tea, of course, among them everyone can find the best.
This tea is called wulong or Oolong, basically turquoise tea. This is probably one of the most delicious varieties of tea. It is a cross between green and black tea. Turquoise tea is medium-fermented and extremely fresh aroma of green tea. At the same time you can feel a pronounced floral flavor with a long, pleasant, slightly honeyed finish. Depending on your chosen varieties, the color of tea can vary from emerald to reddish or orange.
If you are already familiar with Oolong tea and you liked it, you should not stop there, because there is a special kind of tea, from which the majority of consumers absolutely love is the Milk Oolong. Perhaps this is the most delicious variation of this type of tea, because not in vain Milk tea received so much positive feedback worldwide. This variety is also called the Golden flower, and its cultivation technology is able to win the heart of even the most demanding consumer: the tea Bush is pollinated by a special solution of sugar cane, watered milk and multiroute rice husk. It is believed that because of this tea leaf has such a magical sweet and milk flavor. Impressive? So do not deny yourself the pleasure, treat yourself to a Milk Oolong.

Green tea with Jasmine - great taste and aroma

The birthplace of green tea is China. In this country it is believed that the combination of green tea and Jasmine is one of the best possible flavor variations. Indeed, this tea has an unusually fresh, clean scent. In addition, Jasmine green tea tones the body, restores energy, helps to normalize the metabolism and just gives a good mood. Of course, green tea with Jasmine deserves to get the list of the best varieties of tea.

Puer tea is the choice of true connoisseurs

Especially popular among the fans of PU-erh enjoys the variety is grown in Yunnan province. He has a particularly deep aroma and has a dark red colour.
PU-erh is a special tea. The fact that the fermentation processes in the leaves are constant, so it is called a "living" tea. Every year it changes its taste and aroma. Some fans compare this PU-erh tea with good wine, which over time becomes only better. PU-erh tea has a tart woody aroma, and long persistent taste. Tasting PU'er of different periods of exposure, you'll discover the amazing world of tea flavors and aromas.