We will need:

• 0.9 kg assorted fish (salmon, burbot, menek);

• ½ Lemon;

• 1 tbsp soy sauce;

• 1 tsp. mustard with seeds of grain;

• 1 zucchini;

• 1 bell pepper;

• 5 medium onions;

• 4 tbsp olive oil;

• salt to taste;

• sea salt;

• pepper or favorite spices;

• Bay leaves;

• 9 cherry tomatoes;

• 9 leaf salad.


1. All fish fillet wash, clean from the bones, cut into medium-sized slices and put in one bowl.

2. In a Cup combine 1 tablespoon oil, soy sauce, common salt, mustard and your favorite spices. (You can take a seasoning for fish or herbes de Provence). All the ingredients a good mix to make a fragrant and spicy marinade.

3. Slices of fish fillet pour the marinade, mix gently with your hands and leave to marinate at least an hour.

4. Meanwhile, cut onion into rings, tomatoes – halves and the zucchini and bell pepper short julienne.

5. After half an hour to take a pot for baking. At the bottom of each pot place the Bay leaf and pour in ½ tbsp oil. On top of oil layers spread fish slices and baste them with the remaining marinade. (The first layer must go burbot, salmon and then at the end menek).

6. The fish in the pot cover with a layer of onion rings. Themselves pots to close the lids, place on a baking sheet and send for 1 hour in oven preheated to 180 degrees.

7. At the end of baking fish need to cook vegetables. The strips of pepper to the zucchini to put into the hot olive oil and fry over high heat, stirring occasionally.

8. Dish tightly lay a lettuce leaf.

9. Vegetables after roasting to spread on lettuce leaves and sprinkle with sea salt. Why marine? It's very simple. This salt does not melt, but will give the dish a beautiful appearance and fancy taste.

10. An hour later, the pots remove from the oven and cool slightly. After the marinade carefully drained and the fish to turn the dish to the vegetables. The result is that the fish will lie on a bed of onion.

11. Fish platter with vegetable garnish with tomato halves and serve.