1) preparation of the car

Car preparation for polishing consists of cleaning the vehicle and observed temperature. The car is washed thoroughly, because if you do not, you can spoil all your efforts. Compliance with temperature will allow you to work quietly. There are cases that Polish the car under the open sky, under the heat of the sun coming out all from under the mount. The car heats up and when applying the scratches burn your hand, or when polishing dry polishing paste.

2) the Application of small scratches

The application of small scratches made by the sandpaper. However you should know that the application ticks sandpaper is made with water. Sandpaper 2 thousand grit will cause the least risks. You can also use 2500 grit. The application ticks is to matte condition. It is worth remembering that you need a circular motion you go through the whole details and be periodically wiped dry. Wiping dry the item, you will see your flaws and you need to apply in nenalezeny places risks.

3) Watering in stages

Polishing is always carried out in 4 stages:

1) Polishing paste art.893 153.

2) Polishing paste art.893 154.

3) Polishing paste art.893 155.

4) manually Polishing the art.893 0126.

Polishing works like sandpaper, only the application of the scratches is so small, that the naked eye just not see them. Thus, the coating exhibits gloss of the car.