They would be useful to know about what are ready to help up to a dozen food need only incorporate them in your diet. Let's start with those that are richer than others in vitamin C, successfully cleansing the lungs of toxins, including nicotine. It's broccoli, orange and lemon (especially a lot of it in the peel). They will help you get rid of tobacco dependence.

Good removes nicotine from the body folic acid (its other name is vitamin B9). Easy on the spinach! There is this substance enough. Repays the urge to smoke the ginger, especially if you eat it raw. At the same time it will help to get rid of extra pounds.

Notice the cranberries. Contained in this fruit acid can quickly withdraw nicotine from the blood. Eat a handful of cranberries and the desire to smoke will go, say nutritionists.

As you know, smokers are under the influence of nicotine constricts blood vessels. In the diet include wheat germ. They literally teeming with vitamin E, which makes elastic the entire circulatory system. It also prevents the development of heart disease.

Eat more carrots! It's a powerhouse of vitamins A, C and K. they are in dire need of nerve cells and brain cells. And the worst smokers these vitamins are in short supply.

Have you heard anything about this vegetable like Kale? Be sure to ask! It is a rich natural source of antioxidants that rid your body of the tobacco poison. At the same time reduces the likelihood of the cancer disease.

Among the many smokers hypertensive patients. Because of nicotine increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, decreases the level of oxygen in the blood. Will help to overcome these dangerous symptoms grenades. They activate blood circulation and literally cause the body to produce more red blood cells.