Bananas is known for a huge number of substances in its composition. They contain the following vitamins and minerals:

1. Vitamin B3 plays an important role in the metabolism of fats and proteins. Thanks to this vitamin reduces cholesterol.

2. Vitamin B5 helps to improve metabolism of carbohydrates and fats.

3. Vitamin B6 strengthens the strength of the teeth, gums, improves skin condition.

4. Calcium strengthens nails, protects them from splitting, hair loss.

5. Potassium is especially useful for people who suffer from constant pressure spikes, heart problems, protects the buttocks, legs, from the appearance of celullite.

Thanks to the excellent composition, one banana nourishes the body nursing mothers the vitamins that are needed for recovery after childbirth and a good development of the baby.

Despite the huge amount of vitamins and minerals that are contained in these nutritional berries, eating bananas to get involved is not worth it. In particular it needs to remember girls and women who have recently become mothers.

When breastfeeding, the child should carefully monitor their diet. During this period a woman's body is changing, so it requires a certain amount of food with healthy food in your diet. Many start non-stop to overeat, it can lead to different degrees of obesity and health problems.

In order not to harm your body and baby, to abandon the fruits and berries out of fear, and, in particular, from bananas, not worth it. When used correctly bananas will bring you only benefits.

What to pay attention after taking the banana?

After you've eaten a banana and feed the baby breast milk, observe the child, if he had any negative reactions. If the body of the newborn develop a rash, changes dramatically in a chair, deteriorating sleep, the bananas have to give, otherwise the reception of the berries can result in bad consequences.

If no responses are detected, then the fruit is suitable to both of you, can easily enter into your diet, but in moderation.

During the postpartum period and lactation, the female body becomes more sensitive and receptive to the world. A negative reaction can occur and products such that had not had any problems. If you have a broken chair leads to constipation or, conversely, becomes more liquid, it all will be passed to your child. To avoid such consequences, listen to your body and the body of the newborn baby.