Sometimes we have a feeling that is not desirable in any. Especially we are going through, when there is no appetite in the child. But he needs to grow and develop, and if it is not there, it will go into loss body. Consequently, the child begins to hurt.

How to increase appetite adults?

In this case, we can help decoctions of herbs – dandelion, wormwood. With them, you will raise the generation of gastric juice, and this contributes to increased appetite. To increase appetite drink these teas 30 minutes before a meal.

In addition to herbal teas and vitamins should be taken:

• Vitamin a Enhances immunity, improves skin condition. Best taken with vitamins E and C.

• Vitamins V. Normalize brain function, strengthen muscles. It is best to take with calcium.

• Vitamin C. Enhances immunity.

It is also useful to take and mineral supplements – zinc, copper.

How to increase the appetite of the child?

Children's and adult organisms have many differences. So each of them is necessary to choose a special approach. Be sure to watch how your child eats. Must be fed high-grade, avoiding all snacking. In between meals avoid eating a variety of sweets, as it is harmful to the health of the child. And this applies not only to the teeth, as in all the sweets contains a huge amount of various additives.

If the child has no appetite, do not rush to immediately resort to pills to improve. After all, the reason may be hiding in the insufficient content of vitamins in the body. Also we should not forget about physical activity.

To increase appetite to give the child vitamins, contributing to its normalization. Herewith it is necessary to consider the prescribed dosage.

Before turning to the doctor, you can try to fill the shortage of vitamins in these fruits and berries. If thus increase the appetite fails, be sure to consult a doctor. Not worth it to tighten.