Gluten (from Latin "glue") together with vegetable fibrin and gluten is group of proteins protein part of all cereal. When watered, this element is virtually tasteless, elastic, homogeneous and very sticky gray mass. In modern food production this substance is used almost everywhere. This is due to the low cost and easy process of extraction from grain of gluten, which is a plus for Industrialists.

As a food additive, gluten has many functions. It is used as a natural preservative, increasing the elasticity of bakery products and also as a wonderful thickener, which at the same time gives the product a uniform and delicate texture.

Here is the basic list of products that may contain this "grass glue":

- A variety of breads and a selection of pastries (the pizza refers to the same group).

Group of pasta.

- Cakes and various pastry products.

Dishes from the category of fast food.

- Quick Breakfast (cereal, cereal, cereal, chopsticks, etc.).

- Meats (including ham).

Retail crab sticks.

Favorite harmful snack - chips.

- Products for quick use (noodles, soups).

- Soy products.

- A mixture of spices and bouillon cubes.

Products of mass consumption (mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard).

- Semi-manufactured goods.

- Dairy products (e.g. yogurt).

- Vegetables and berries in frozen form.


- Nutritious infant formula.

- Some dietary supplements and vitamins.

To recognize the presence of this sticky substance in the purchased product, it is necessary to examine its composition. Very often, this component is hidden under such names as textured proteins, modified starch, protein mass, potato food starch and some other similar names.

Contrary to popular belief, for a healthy person, gluten is completely harmless. To cause significant damage to health it can only those people who have a severe congenital disease, a gluten intolerance. Such violations are statistically present in 1% of the population of the entire planet.

Glutenis a natural product, which is the inherent nature of all cereal grains. Do not be afraid of consumption, unless there is a justifiable reason.