A distraction from obsessive thoughts about cigarette seeds. If you are all right with your teeth, you arrange a "smoke breaks", during which the click seeds or nuts. When gloomy thoughts about the nicotine appear in the workplace, and what not to chew, dissolve caramels, preferably those that contain natural citrus juice.

To get rid of obsessive desire and helps coffee beans. Razrezayte one grain of coffee when you really want to smoke. Ditto and coffee drink such as cocoa or freshly brewed coffee. But don't get carried away, because excess caffeine can cause heart problems.

Mix a teaspoon of honey with cinnamon (the tip of the knife). Dissolve very slowly – it will help for some time to escape from thinking about cigarettes. Helps overcome your urge to smoke and chewing gum that contains cinnamon extract.

If you really have difficulty quitting Smoking, buy beznikotinovye cigarettes. Of course, the smoke flavor somewhat different from the usual, but the psychological problem can you solve in this way. Choose those cigarettes which contain thyme and similar herbs. The harm of their Smoking to a minimum.

When it is absolutely impossible to win, the desire to inhale, will help nicotine patches or electronic cigarettes. But it is worth noting that these tools still contain nicotine, however the minimum dose. Electronic cigarettes are perfectly suited for people who have smoked for many years. Gradually reducing the dosage of nicotine you get rid of bad habits.

Will help to forget about cigarettes and pills, but they can only appoint a doctor, as side effects from their use are many. And, of course, important mental attitude. Just do not think about nicotine, try to entice myself with other, less harmful occupations.