Often when working with mastic is required to paint it in any color. This can be done by using a special food coloring for the desired shade. But if the choice in the shops is not happy and the desired shade is not found – can help these tips.

· If you can't find the right food coloring or against the use of chemical dyes, you can use the juices. Light green mastic will give spinach juice, red beet juice, orange – carrot juice. For lighter colors, you can defrost the spinach and squeeze the juice out of it. A more concentrated color turns out if you boil the spinach in little water and strain.

· Yellow color can be obtained from turmeric. To do this, you need to brew turmeric with boiling water (1 tbsp turmeric, 2 tbsp. tablespoons of boiling water), let stand, then strain. The resulting broth can be used as a yellow dye.

· Purple color can be obtained from elderberry juice. Another way to get purple dye – boil in a little water shredded red cabbage.

· It is very difficult to paint the fondant in the color black without black dye. Masters in this case, a mixture of three dyes: one red and part blue and two parts blue. The resulting black depends on the shades of the dyes that were used. The color may not be completely black and slightly greenish tinged with purple.

· Another way to black – to add to the mastic burnt sugar, having brown color. Then adjust the color with a blue dye.

Use these tips and your desserts will delight you and your guests with bright colors.