All food dyes are divided into natural and synthetic. The latter are divided into liquid, dry and gel. The vast majority of dyes in the sale have synthetic composition.

Synthetic dyes

Liquid dyes are ideal for colouring creams and protein mass drawing for decor. You can add them to the basis of sugar mastic instead of plain water. These dyes are often used in pure form airbrushes for painting cakes.

Dry powdered dyes. They are ideal for painting small parts or of giving an additional hue test and decor. These dyes are dissolved in the vodka, the alcohol or boiled water. Per tablespoon of liquid you need to take of the paint on the tip of a knife. In some instances, these dyes can be applied to cakes in a dry form.

Gel dyes resemble water, but have a thicker consistency and concentration, which makes them versatile and very economical. They can be used to colour sugar paste, icings, creams (everything except the protein) and dough. They allow you to get saturated and bright colors and wide spectrum of shades.

In the painting one confection you can use several kinds of dyes to get a specific color.

Natural dyes

Natural food dyes are the easiest to make yourself of vegetables a bright color. Beet juice or black currant, coffee, orange peel, saffron, turmeric, spinach juice — all to give the cakes the desired color without artificial preservatives. However, natural dyes are not as bright as synthetic, and to achieve the desired colors using the blending quite difficult. Moreover, in some cases it is necessary to take into account their taste, not to spoil the taste of the finished baking.

To get a new tint of existing colors, try to mix them. Use a clean container. If dye new shade you need in large quantities, remember what colors you mixed and in what proportions.

Note that in the fatty cream almost any dye becomes saturated with color, protein and cream to get the same bright hue to add a lot more dye. By the way, for staining of protein cream you can't use dyes on the basis of alcohol and fat because cream is from a similar neighborhood settles.

If the compositions for dyeing Easter eggs indicate that they are edible, they can be used for painting and baking.