But in the last 50 years in connection with the growth of the food industry quality of food offered to the population of the planet declined. Today, together with foods in addition to vitamins and sometimes even not) the person receives three times the dose of a harmful chemical additives, colorants, preservatives, genetically modified organisms. Therefore, in the last fifty years the world population has become much more ill were more likely to be diagnosed with chronic disease, allergies, obesity, diabetes of the second type.

It became more difficult to maintain and support their health, to obtain a sufficient number of useful items as possible with less harm to the body. Several facilitate person this task the knowledge about healthy nutrition, about your body and its needs, and the choice provided by the manufacturers of the food industry.

A large number of modern institutions conducting research on this problem, the foundations of a healthy, balanced diet already promoted through the media and popular scientific press. An idea of what to choose, how and in what quantity, how many times do I have to eat to meals did not hinder the work of the body, and helping him — this information must possess each one thinking about their health and future.