Recipe 1. "Euphoria"

For this cocktail you will need: milk (1 Cup), banana, ice cream (preferably butter), yoghurt (no additives), oat flakes, honey (2 tablespoons). All the ingredients to grind in a blender.

Recipe 2. "Honey clouds"

Delicious drink has a delicate taste and a huge range of useful properties. Bonus is its easy method of preparation. Half a pack of cottage cheese to combine with a glass of milk, add a banana, a spoonful of honey and three teaspoons of oatmeal.

Recipe 3. "Tropic"

Vitamin cocktail is useful for both adults and children. Fireworks of taste and healthy benefits due to its components. To prepare tropical miracle need: a pack of cheese, 100 g of juice and yogurt, banana, pineapple or persimmon.

Recipe 4. "Magic bliss"

The subtle interweaving of flavors in this cocktail will appeal to all. It is also noteworthy that the flow of products and time - minimal, and the benefits of this are not losing a single gram. Part of the "magic" cocktail includes an egg, a spoon of honey, crushed walnuts. All mix, pour a glass of yogurt and beat with a mixer.

Recipe 5. "Energy flavor"

This cocktail very caloric, so it is perfect for people engaged in heavy physical labor or attending a gym. It's just perfect for muscle growth and recuperation. To prepare the drink you will need a pack of cheese, a few tablespoons of honey, 5 eggs or 3 tbsp. egg powder mixed with milk. All components are crushed with a blender.

Recipe 6. "Impulse"

This cocktail can be called aristocratic. Because it is composed of products that occupy the top of the ration of useful power. Namely, a pint of milk, a pack of cheese, a dozen quail eggs, 2 tbsp. honey or jam, ½ Cup sour cream, dried apricots and raisins. Grind everything in a blender.

Recipe 7. "Aretta"

Nutritious, invigorating drink restore energy after long workouts and will appreciate the delicate taste. This energy drink for athletes will require a glass of warm milk, a pack of cheese, a spoonful of oat bran or wheat germ and some Flaxseed oil.